Cool. Write Stories On Extinct Galactic Civilizations In New Game

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Writer wanted. Must be willing to travel to outer space and explore trippy alien planets.

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Facebook ads are about to start showing up inside your apps

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Today Facebook launched the Audience Network, its new ad network for mobile apps. Here’s what that actually means: starting today, you’re going to see “Facebook ads” inside the free apps you use….

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Tampon Maker Finances Canadian Vampire Web Series - Hollywood Reporter

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'Feminine care brand U by Kotex is financing Carmilla, a quirky Canadian vampire web series.

Kimberly-Clark’s new tampon line is executive producing the YouTube series, which will consist of 36 four-minute episodes, from Canadian producer Smokebomb Entertainment and digital agency shift2 that asks whether vampires get their periods.

The scripted series, inspired by a classic gothic vampire novella byJoseph Sheridan Le Fanu, features a young university student, played by Elise Bauman, sharing a dorm room with a young vampire (Natasha Negovanlis)…’

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'Seven' YA book series fuels binge culture

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TORONTO – Call it the Netflix of the young-adult book world in Canada. The “Seven” series is a homegrown initiative in which seven writers pen seven interweaving YA books at the same time and release them all at once.

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Comic Book World Is Becoming Friendlier to Women. Video Game World, Take Note.

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With #GamerGate churning out one sexist outrage after another, it’s easy to lose hope that women will ever be fully accepted in geeky entertainment circles. But not all circles are alike. The comics industry, for instance, is beginning to demonstrate that just because a pastime is male-dominated doesn’t mean it has to stay that way, and that efforts to be more inclusive to women can work. 

This past weekend’s New York Comic Con demonstrated this real shift, with major panels exploring ”an explosion of enthusiasm and visibility for women in comics,” as the description for Vulture’s panel on female fandom reads….’

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Young People’s Ethical Diconnects?: An Interview with Carrie James (Part One)

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Today, we begin the second in a series of interviews with members of the Good Play team at Harvard, a team headed by Howard Gardner and associated with the longstanding Project Zero. The following is excerpted from a foreword I wrote for Carrie James’s Disconnected: Youth, New Media, and the Ethics Gap, and it serves as well as anything I could write here to provide a set up for the interview which follows.

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Transmedia is Still So Young: Femke Wolting and Tommy Pallotta on Last Hijack Interactive | Filmmaker Magazine

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'Access is always an issue with documentary, creating unique challenges in war zones or similar areas where filmmakers would be in physical danger or simply cannot go. The documentary Last Hijack, produced by Submarine Channel and directed by Femke Wolting and Tommy Pallotta, doesn’t just deal with these issues but makes them one of the film’s greatest strengths. In documenting piracy in Somalia, the filmmakers turned to techniques like animation — Pallotta produced both Waking Lifeand A Scanner Darkly — to show what could not be filmed, and then went one step further by creating an interactive documentary to accompany the traditional linear film..'

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Ingrid Kopp: A Field Guide to Interactive Storytelling - i-Docs

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During the summer Ingrid Kopp, Director of Digital Initiatives at the Tribeca Film Institute, came to the Watershed, Bristol to give a talk on interactive storytelling. For members of the i-Docs community who weren’t able to attend, we’re pleased to be able to offer the full transcript, full of brilliant examples and analysis of these new forms of storytelling. Enjoy.

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great interview!

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From Gamification to Touch Interfaces: Designing for 21st Century Learners (EDUCAUSE Review) | EDUCAUSE.edu

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The beauty of both games and devices is that you can start small and work your way into bigger, grander experiences. And, as with all things educational (including the needs of students), it is best to give yourself and your students some room to fail and grow. Your first game won’t be your best game. The first narration of a whiteboard on your app won’t be as good as your last. But with each new method, you might find numerous new ways to connect with your students, to motivate them, and to make things stick. Now that’s learning.

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UX [User Experience] Design Thinking for Transmedia

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'The first and most important is that UX design is an iterative rather than linear process. There are different ways to describe and illustrate the iterative process, but here is a simplified version. First designers do research and brainstorm during a learning stage of the process; second they build prototypes during a building stage of the process; and third they test usability and effectiveness during a measuring stage of the process. The process then repeats, as ineffective ideas are jettisoned and the project moves moves closer and closer to a “finished” state with more and more refined iterations.'

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"UX is short for User Experience. Broadly speaking UX design is a process for designing positive interactions between people (users) and products (often software or websites) and/or other people. Taking a user-centric approach and drawing upon the disciplines of visual design, psychology, and human-computer interaction (HCI) research, UX aims to design not just the visuals and interface, but the entire user experience. While UX is most often applied to software and website design, UX designers are also designing physical experiences like in-store shopping experiences, airport lounges, classrooms for schools, museum and art exhibitions, etc."


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